This Halloween! Studded comb - DIY!

spike diy

Braids were all the rage this year, resurrected by the ever so lovely Kylie Jenner, our salon was booked out all summer. Festival goers arrived with expressions in hand and came out with waist long plaits perfectly parted and colorful. The braids don't have to stop, why not get braids this Halloween and spooky them up with some spikes around the parting? Check out the range of expressions and color braid we stock in store and online, pick out a creepy color ( what about zombie green or pumpkin orange? ) and braid it up! Then, accessories with this DIY studded spiked comb!


What you will need : 

  1. Clear or black combs pictured like the ones above, these are available in store or online at Paul's Hair World, they retail at £1.49 for 2! I'd recommend either 3 or 4 for each side of your parting! BUY ONLINE HERE.
  2. Nail Glue, this is used to secure your spikes to your comb. Nail glue is available again in store or online at Paul's Hair World. BUY NAIL GLUE HERE.
  3.  Studs of your choice, these studs could be flat studs or those pointy ones cause either of them would look just as good. I prefer the look of the pointier ones but that's just me, both of these can be found here!
If you have managed to gather everything above then you have everything you need to proceed with creating! It's rather simple, super fast and easy to do! Here's what you do now:
  1.  Set out combs, studs and glue on a flat, clean surface.
  2. Across the thick band at the top of a comb, place a dot of nail glue.
  3. Quickly maneuver your spike into place.
  4. Repeat till the band is covered like so.
  5. Repeat for all the combs that you have.
  6. Let dry for up to an hour just to make sure that they are all secure. Then your hair combs are ready to wear!

spike clip

Now you have your spiky accessories, you are free to punk up your Halloween braids! Place along the outside of your braids like Kelly Osbourne ( pictured above ), to make the look even more punk you could try a cool 90's zig zag parting! If you decide to do this for Halloween this year, then please send us a picture or tag us on our instagram! We'd love to see!


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