The Romantics - New Crazy Colour collection


Pastel Hair isn't leaving town anytime soon, it seems every shelf, in every beauty store, is jam packed with the newest brands and latest shades of hair color. Brands are cashing in on the shades that are here to stay, iced white locks or blue tinged tresses are brushed out of our winter beanies. Stone grey tones are ever popular and don't forget the rose gold hues that shine with a subtle peach tint.  Crazy color, a huge name in the world of semi-permanent dyes, have jumped on the bandwagon with their fresh Collection of pastel hair color. The Romantics, a small range of pastel dyes new for 2016!


All colors available in store or online at Pauls Hair World  Pastel colors are perfect for subtly switching up your blonde shade, unfortunately, they will not be a suitable color option for dark hair. Pastel colors need to be used on pre-lightened hair otherwise, the color being absorbed will not be visible. The hair you apply the color too has to be porous, the only way to do this is to bleach the hair. Bleaching the hair removes all color molecules so that another color can be absorbed and deposited. Going Pastel is a bigger commitment for us girls with dark hair! Careful consideration, if you still fancy yourself an ice queen then why don't you try the Crazy Colour bleaching kit? Purchase with your favorite shade out of the Romantics range and you're ready to rock! Bleaching kit and this collection are both available in store or online. If you don't fancy going full candy shop mane and pre-lightening your full head, why not try an ombre or pastel flashes of color? Both of these options are lower maintenance than a full head of coral curls would be and can be a great step into the world of coloured hair!


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