Tape Hair - what you need to know!

tape in hair r Tape in hair is a method of hair extension fitting that's growing more and more popular every year, people are hearing about it, seeing the seamless results and opting to choose tape hair over other methods. The fitting is painless, discreet and easy to manage, these factors contribute to the rise in tape in hair extensions and probably the reason why you're hearing so much about them! hairtalk What are tape in hair extensions? Tape in hair extensions are applied using a thin piece of tape instead of a machine sewn weft or micro rings ( see photo above ). These extensions get taped in by sandwiching your hair between two tape in pieces, the fitting is completely painless and 100% natural. Can i wear tape hair extensions? This method of application for hair extensions is one of the most discreet methods that we offer, tape in extensions are usually recommended for somebody with finer hair. If you have shorter hair, a blunt hair cut ( such as bob or concave bob ) or thick hair, we probably wouldn't recommend this type of extension for you as there could be some trouble blending them in. The tape wefts blend seamlessly with your own hair if you are matched to the right shade and have enough pieces to match your hairs thickness. If you struggle with fine hair then these are one of the best methods of extensions for you.  How do i wash my hair? When you're wearing tape hair extensions we recommend that you wash your hair once a week, anymore than that and you will find that your hair extensions are sliding out and you are damaging the quality of the hair by drying it out. You should always use a SULFATE FREE shampoo, using a shampoo which contains sulfate will break down the bond causing your hair extensions to slip out. DO NOT apply conditioner on the root or the tape wefts of the hair. only use conditioner on the length and ends of your hair. tape--800x266 How long till i have to have them fitted again? We recommend to wash once a week when you're wearing tape in hair, if you stick to this then your tape in extensions should usually last 8 weeks before you have to have them fitted again. How many pieces make a full head? A full head of tape in hair extensions is normally around 60 pieces. This does however depend on the thickness of your hair and the cut that you have. If you're thinking of getting Tape In Hair extensions then take a look at our selection online by clicking here or come in store and ask one of our sales assistants for more info or a color match. If you already have your tape in hair and are just looking for a fitting appointment then call our salon on:  0161 832 5340        
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