Summer Wedding Inspo! Popular Styles & What Extensions to use..

So we've had a LOT of future brides in store over the last few months preparing for their Big Day! We've decided to show you what the most popular styles are what people are asking for, And give you examples of what extensions or hairpieces you can use to create the styles! After speaking to many clients and customers, the looks this year seem to be very relaxed, Boho-Style and Thick and Full! With a few messy up-do's thrown in the mix. Of course everyone is different.. So if you don't see a style you like here you can always contact our customer service department or pop into one of our stores in Manchester, Liverpool or Glasgow!  Here are 2 of the most in-demand wedding styles and what to use to achieve them if your hair is short, thin, fine, lank or just needs an extra boost! 1. The Half-Up/Half-Down Princess Hair!   The easiest way to create this style would be to apply either clip in hair extensions or a hairpiece that are easy to manipulate and style, human hair would be preferable as you or your stylist can then curl it along with your own hair, this will prevent the hair from dropping (as well as using the correct products!) resulting in all day bounce and curls! we would advise a mousse before blow drying your own hair for a bit more hold and volume, add the extensions and apply some heat protector, curl all of the hair and manipulate into the desired style! Should you want more of a messy look.. Maybe add some dry shampoo and backcomb sections of the hair and twist and grip them as shown in the photos below! To curl we would use Cloud Nine Hair Straighteners! They're brilliant and curls keep their bounce all day long. The Beauty Works Double Set would be perfect for this style.. Shop here! Half1 Half2 half3 half4 half5 half6 half7 2. The Messy Flower Braid! For this style you need a very skilled pair of hands or an experienced stylist, as sometimes the messiest hairstyles are the hardest to create! For this one we would suggest using long clip in extensions depending on how long your natural hair is. You would need a lot of styling products, We would suggest a volumising powder, mousse for blow drying and LOTS of hairspray, Only for when you've finished! You would apply the extensions first after blow drying the hair, curl all of the hair together in small sections then loosely braid the hair and add addornments afterwards! You can get quirky ones from haberdasheries and flower shops/florists! The Boutique Clip In Hair Extensions would be perfect for this style.. Shop Here! braid1 braid2 braid3 braid 4        
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