Steal her style: JLO

Some celebs stand the test of time - and JLo is definitely one of them. Whether it’s her curvy figure or slick locks, we can’t get enough of her simple but sassy style.

The slicked-back ponytail is a JLo signature up-do. Its unpretentious, fresh feel is easy to recreate - although to get a super smooth style that’s bump free you’ll need to follow some simple rules. The first rule of creating a smooth, sexy ponytail is to start with clean hair. Super smooth hair is achieved most easily by brushing it with a mini nylon and boar bristle paddle brush to neutralize static. The hair should be brought together just below the crown of the head. Make sure you smooth with your paddle brush as you go before applying some hair gel-serum all over to add smoothness without stiffness to your style. Finish off by blasting with some hairspray for extra staying power before holding your ponytail in place using a hair tie with a hook on each end. If you hair is far too short to create a slick pony, why not fake it using an effective clip-in pony tail piece? Many celebrities turn to hair pieces when playing around with new styles allowing you to quickly sass up your look like JLO in a matter of minutes. View the range of clip-in hair extensions and hair pieces available online at Pauls Hair World for inspiration.
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