Steal her Style: Blake Lively

Blake Lively proves why she is our celebrity hair crush. Her long blonde hair is part of her signature style, but getting the look yourself doesn't require a celebrity stylist. Here we show you how to recreate three of our favourite looks.

Blake Lively Pauls Hair World

Channel old Hollywood with Polished Curls


  1. Begin by creating a strong side part and sectioning your hair so you can work on one area at a time.
  2. Grab your curling tongs and start with the section right above your ear. We recommend our Pro Ceramic Dial a heat 38mm Babyliss Curling Tongs to create this look.
  3. Wrap each section of the hair neatly around the tongs (do not use the tong clip).  Tip: Curl hair inwards towards the direction of your face, and hold for about 20 seconds.
  4. Continue this pattern with each tress of hair taking your time.
  5. Once the curls are in place seal with a flexible hold hairspray and let them set.
  6. Finally before you leave, using a fine comb gently brush through the hair. (This will leave you with soft, polished curls).

Blake Lively Textured Summer Fishtail

The Textured Summer Fishtail


  1. Start off by gathering your hair into a neat bun. Tip: Applying hairspray to the front of your hair will help control any flyaway strands.
  2. Next, using one of the Braided Extensions, pull open the fishtail braid and clip over your bun, pulling the drawstring tight and securing the clips.
  3. Ensure your own hair is pinned firmly inside the base of the braid.
  4. Secure the plait in place with extra grips and ensure your own hair is hidden.
  Blake Lively The Messy Mermaid

The Messy Mermaid


  1. Begin adding a texturising spray. We recommend our Sexy Hair Big Flip It Over Texture Spray Full and Wild.
  2. To apply, flip your head over and spray the product into dry hair.
  3. Squeeze and scrunch the hair, then throw your head back over for that full and wild look.
  4. Take a curling iron and loosely curl random pieces of hair.
  5. Clip the hair to one side and divide the bottom half into three different size sections for the braids. Then begin to plait the sections. Tip: You can do a mixture of fishtail braids and normal plaits to create different textures.
  6. Break up the braids with your fingers pulling out random pieces to create a messy appearance. Pulling out a few layers around the face will also add to the textured effect.
  7. Finally, add a hair accessory of your choice to the base of the braids behind the ear to finish the look off.
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