Steal her style Beyonce

steal her style beyonce

Steal her style Beyonce

Global superstar Beyonce is renowned for her fashion-forward style and her hairdo at this year’s Grammy awards was no exception. Sexy wet-look locks are the perfect day-to-night style and creating them yourself is easier than you might think. Here are are tips to steal her style.

Perfect preparation to steal her style

The wet-look requires very little in the way of preparation. Second-day hair is perfect for this style as it is much better at holding its shape. Using shampoo and conditioner with silicone will add extra weight to your hair and help create that sleek effect. If you are working with clean hair, a quick spray with a sea salt mist will add weight before you begin to style.

Simple hair styling

Styling whilst you blow-dry isn’t necessary here - simply leave your hair to dry as freely as possible. Then just run hot tongs through your hair to create loose waves. You don’t need to be precise - the more random, the better. Run your fingers through the tonged hair to break up the kinks into natural waves.

Essential products to steal her style

Spray your wavy hair all over with water until it is damp. Using your hands, scrunch layers of a water-soluble serum into the wet hair. Coat it from the roots to the tips until it begins to hold together in shiny thick sections. You could opt for a wet-look serum to really give your hair that post-shower sheen. Regularly top up your style with more product throughout the day to keep it looking shiny and fresh.

Glossy, fresh and elegant, wet-look hair is sure to get you noticed.

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