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yaki oneee

Sleek has been providing the European market with high quality hair since 2004, a range of different colors and textures means this brand is one of the leading brands in hair extensions! The company is passionate about hair and strives to provide quality products and cutting-edge designs so that women everywhere can create fashionable styles for themselves and look fabulous wearing Hair by Sleek. You can look fabulous wearing their Yaki One which is now on sale through our online store! Yaki One is 100%  real human hair, blended Chinese hair and Indian Hair which is very sleek and easily manageable. This hair is soft to touch but the Yaki texture means that this hair will still give you the smooth look whilst also adding volume and blending seamlessly with your own hair texture.

The hair is guaranteed to be real human hair and a special Yaki process has been applied to make the hair more textured to blend better with the Afro Caribbean natural hair. Available in a variety of lengths and colors means there's something for everyone whatever their style ideas, this hair can be washed and reused with continued care and the right after care procedures. To be taken straight to our sale click here! 

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