Sleek Power plumping lips crayon!


Cupid shot me with a bow straight from the sleek warehouse, almost every makeup product i have tried that they have released I have fallen in love with. Makeup masters in matte lipstick, dishing out palettes of glitter for their super pigmented highlighting palettes and fulfilling all of my color correcting dreams with their new correction pallet, there isn't a high street brand i love more. Lipstick or should i say Lip color, whatever the product consistency, is a must have for me. The only time I've ever been excited about a makeup crayon was the 80's colored eye shadow pencils that i used to get in Sugar Magazine late 90's, not something i'd wear present day and regret wearing back then!  These Sleek Power Plumping lip crayons are enough to relight my love for those pigmented sticks of punchy color, Available in 6 different shades these are fabulous for perfecting that pink pout this summer. These color crayons have a creamy formula, a formula that glides on the lips effortlessly providing a pop of bold color instantly. The creamy formula helps moisturize the lips whilst wearing, everyone loves a matte lipstick but the dry lips afterwards are a pain. With these, none of that will happen, leaving tinted soft lips throughout the entire day and long after you've removed. Just like any other plumping lip product on the market, these too have that ever addicting buzz about them which is not just word of mouth but actually on the lips, after applying you will feel the cooling tingle that helps to make your lips look a little fuller. I personally love the tingling feeling in a lip product and this one is quite strong, so it's a yes from me! 3.6 grams in each crayon means these will last you a long time, the crayon is able to be sharpened for that perfect pointed tip, time and time again These lip crayons are available online here or in store.

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