Sleek Contour kit


On the scene in late 2015, intriguing everybody since, it seems contouring is now an essential task in most women's daily makeup routine. When shopping there's a contour section on every shelf, i now know what a highlighter is for and i have a tonne of brushes all purchased to help me get those supermodel cheekbones. Thanks to the rise of makeup artists on Instagram and YouTube, there's tutorials a many and more people are feeling confident in their contouring abilities dishing out the cash for their own contour kits.


A very popular makeup brand, Sleek have recently released their own contouring kit in light, medium and Dark shades. A creamy formula makes it easy to apply and very easy to blend, once the product has been applied and warmed to your skin it is easily blended for a stunning seamless look. Cheekbones can be chiseled to the high heavens perfectly with the contouring diagram and instructions that arrives with the kit.


A few shades in the palette are used for concealing dark circles under the eyes, brightening the eye area making us look alert and awake when really we are anything but! A few dark contour creams are used to create those wonderful shadows on the temples, to hide the double chin and to accentuate the cheekbones. Last but not least the lightest shades, these shades in the palette are used for highlighting. In the center of your forehead, down the center of your nose and over the tops of your cheekbones, the lighter shades give your face that glow and make the whole contour pop!


These super pigmented creams make for the perfect contour and at only £10.99 each these palettes are a steal and a lot more affordable than others that are on the market. Makeup junkies will be happy to hear that these palettes are  Available instore and online at pauls hair world.

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