Sleek Colour Correction palette!


If you couldn't already tell by my expressive love for sleek in my previous blog post, then now is the time for me to tell you that i love sleek products! Easily affordable, high quality, pigmented products on the high street means that Sleek is fastly becoming a huge name within the makeup arena! This time i managed to get my hands on a color corrector palette, something i was very excited to try as i have always had troublesome skin that could do with some temporary correcting!


This palette contains 6 different coloured cream shades, Green, Lilac, Blue, Rose, Yellow and Orange. I've always been wary of trying something like this because i never managed to get my head around the bright unnatural colors but it seems a bit of research on the color wheel has put my mind at ease! Basically you use this palette to counteract any redness, sallowness, or pigmentation that you want to conceal.


Green is opposite red on the color wheel, so the green shade works to counteract and neutralize any redness. The other colors tend to work the same way, neutralizing a color that is present on the skin but opposite on the color wheel. I tend to get redness on the apples of my cheeks and my skin can sometimes look very yellow, very sallow. So i went along and used the green and lilac shades, first i looked like a clown but i did end up looking a little brighter and had more of a flawless pale base than before! The consistency is like a concealer and they melt instantly upon touching. I really really love the formula of these, the product melts easily, is smooth when applying and blends seamlessly into the skin. You can go overboard on these though, try not to pack too much onto the skin as the color can start to build up and end up looking dirty underneath your foundation.  There are some other shades on the palette that i didn't have chance to use yet but the back of the box tells you what they're great for.

  1. Blue - neutralizes orange, this is perfect for concealing any freckles or facial moles.
  2. Rose - Adds radiance, evens out dark spots.
  3. Yellow - This shade neutralizes purple, really great for concealing under eye circles.
  4. Orange - Neutralizes blue tones so great for concealing dark circles on darker skin tones.
I absolutely loved this palette and will be using it as part of my makeup routine, if you fancy yourself one of these then check online here or come in store and have a look at the testers! If you already have one, let us know how you found it over on our instagram.  Hayley x
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