September/ October 2016 - Blackest Berry lip trend!


This year's winter is all about excess decadence and grungy makeup that makes you think of Nirvana, Dr Martens and flannel shirts! The deep reds, dark browns and jet black lip have been dragged from the 90's and pulled to the forefront of fashion with the likes of Burberry models painting their pouts for the runway. Is this a trend you see yourself wearing? 


Makeup brands have been cashing in on the rise of a darker lip, brands such as sleek have brought out a few of the deeper shades, it is now a lot easier to find a black lipstick on months that aren't Halloween! The velvet texture of sleeks matte lipsticks feels like a treat on every application, what's more decadent than velvet? In a range of dark plum's, chocolate brows and even a black, there's a color to match your skin tone this September/October! Check out Sleek matte lipsticks online or in store and see which shade you want to wear this winter!


All lip shades pictured above are available in store or online! 

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