Secrets synthetic Ponytails!


Secrets by Hairaisers is a range of synthetic fibre ponytails that are perfect for a quick change if you're feeling a little bored of your current style. Effortless style and sophistication in seconds , these ponytails are great for any occasion. Going on holiday? ponytail. Night out with the girls? ponytail. Varying different styles allows you to recreate yourself and your hairstyle for any event you choose, whether you want long luscious bouncing curls for a Christmas party or you just prefer some extra length on a sleek straight up do, Secrets range will have a style for you.


Available in 4 different styles, Sapphire, ruby, coral and pearl,  the secrets ponytail range has much to choose from. There are multiple shades to choose from starting with your jet black, through the dark's into the auburn range and eventually ending on highlighted blonde shades. These synthetic ponytails are easy to wear, easy to maintain and affordably priced at only £19.99 in store at pauls hair world. These ponytails are made from synthetic hair, unfortunately for this reason they can not be restyled with a heating element but they are styled so beautifully already you wouldn't want to restyle them anyway. Wash them with Hairaisers synthetic fibre care shampoo and conditioner, let it dry naturally and you're good to go. If you don't have time to wash it as it can take a while to dry, try just refreshing it with the synthetic refresher spray also by Hairaisers.


These ponytails are super easy to apply and comfortable to wear, each one is fitted with the basket type fitting ( pictured above ), you just wear your hair in a bun at your desired height and clip underneath and over the top with the slides shown above. The basket will then be tightened around your bun using the string and toggle. Make sure that it feels secure and tight, there's nothing worse than having your hair swing across the room whilst you're out dancing! Lastly, wrap the excess string around the base of your ponytail and secure with a pin and discretely hide everything with a fancy ribbon or bobble of your choice.

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All ponytails and colors are available in store at Paul's Hair World.

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