Revival of the lip gloss! - 4 must try!


Lip gloss was huge in the 90's and 2000, you had the roll one ones, the squirty tube ones that smelled like jelly beans, the clear ones with stars, hearts or glitter inside them. I remember begging my mum for a Sugar magazine at the shops because it came with a free lip gloss and i desperatley wanted to be britney spears. Who didn't? Lip gloss faded out over the years and the last two years of so has seen matte lipstick take centre stage, every shade from black to the brightest pink, even metallic shades were seen on the high street. 2017 is resurrecting the lip gloss in all its seductive glory, runway models and the high street fashion conscious will have this gossip glistening on their lips for the next few months! Will you return to the lip gloss? Leave your mattes in the draw? If you will, here are a few that you must try!


Sleek Shimmer Glaze - £2.49

A lip gloss that offers a fruity smell, taste and colour! The subtle shimmer created by glitter and pearlescent particles can help to give you that put together look despite wearing a bare face, wear with a bold eye if you want to tone down your look or just wear with mascara for a fresh 2017 feel. This new year, less is more! Scented with the delicate aroma of vanilla and fortified with jojoba oils this lip gloss is great for keeping your lips moisturised and nourished. Shimmer Glaze nourishes whilst giving you extra power to your pout.  Available in 7 different shades including clear means that this lip gloss is suitable for every skin tone and every occasion!


Sleek lip gloss - High Shine £2.99

Sleek High Shine lipgloss does exactly what it says on the tube, layer your lips in a high shine, highly pigmented gloss perfect for night and day. This long-lasting and hydrating lipgloss, with luminous micro-pearls gives lips a lustrous mirror shine finish. Unlike many lipglosses this beauty is  Infused with vitamin E to moisturise making sure you aren't left with dry, cracked and sore lips. Just one coat is enough to drench your lips with a burst of bright colour and nourishment. Available in 14 different shades there's one for every skin tone and every trend, glitter lips? Sleek high shine has you covered, shades such as magic strawberry has your super juicy and sparkly! lip-shine

Nick Ak lipshine - £1.49

Nick Ak has a huge range of makeup products but the most underrated understated would have to be a good ole lip gloss! A lip gloss available in 22 shades, there's something for everyone. With such a wide shade range and so many neutural tones this is a lipgloss that could have a dual purpose! Have you ever seen the wet look eyeshadow? That's set to be a huge 2017 trend and it's easily created with a slick of clear or pink pearl lipgloss. High fashion in an instant! The doe foot applicator of this makes it super soft, easy to apply and the none drying formula means your lips will stay moisturised and if you do decide to use it on your eye lids it will stay in place!


Sleek Gloss Me lip gloss - £3.89

A lip gloss perfect for the lover of a bold lip, wanting to trade in your matte shades for something more on trend? Try Gloss me, available in 12 boldly brilliant shades this is a lip gloss that can give you your style statement but also be slap bang in the centre of 2017 trends. The high shine, highly pigmented formula gives you bold colour in just one swipe of the doe foot applicator. Super easy, fast and bold colour in an instant!

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