Revamp your skin care routine this spring!

SkinCare-Routine-for-Spring-2 The brown grass in my garden is slowly but surely turning green again, daffodils are raising their petals and winter is well and truly on its way out! Praise the lord! Central heating and the winter months go in hand in hand when drying your skin out, dry patches, chapped lips and flaky skin is all tell tale signs of winter wear and tear. Spring is here, brighter colors, brighter days and brighter skin, time to rejuvenate our tired, dull facade with a fresh new spring skincare routine! Moisturize Chapped cheeks, lips and flaky skin are all tell tale signs of dehydrated skin. Spring is here and you need a skin care routine that's based on moisturizing and replenishing your skin for that dewy, fresh, clean look. Keep your eyes peeled for a facial moisturizer that is also a skin protectant, the sun is coming back out and to prevent ageing and brown spots we need to keep out skin protected. Look for a product that contains sunflower oil or vitamin E, these two properties are good at trapping moisture inside skin cells for long lasting care. If you can't find a moisturizer that already has these things, you could try adding a few drops of Vitamin E or sunflower oils to a moisturizer you already have and use it as a face mask for around 5 minutes. 56f98a301e000095007117c9  Exfoliate Exfoliation after winter is definitely a must, we lose tons of moisture daily as we try to keep warm, radiators, electric heaters, warm coats all wick away our moisture and we need to top that up! If you don't exfoliate during these times, we do not remove the dead skin cells that build up. If you do not remove them, they act as a barrier, so that any moisturizes you will be using will sit on top of these dead skin cells refusing to be absorbed. We recommend exfoliating once a week. Cleanse Cleansers are really important when taking care of your face, they remove impurities, help to even skin tone and complexion by tightening open pores. Closing these pores help to keep face fresh, clean and free of impurities ultimately leading to a reduction in blemishes and black heads. I'd recommend to use a cleanser everyday, twice a day ( morning and night ) if you can to keep that face fresh and your pores tight. SPF  Spring is here and we have to put an emphasis on sun screen to keep your skin in tip top shape, spring means lighter days, brighter days and we will be spending a lot more time outside. SPF is essential all year round but we pay particular attention to it in the sunnier months. Make sure you know what to look out for, keep an eye out for non chemical sunscreens and ingredients like zinc oxide for the best application. Do not use a body sun screen for your face, make sure you find a facial moisturizer with SPF for your face as using a product specifically for body could cause you to break out.  
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