Remi Cachet - Nail Tip. Now In Stock!

remi cachet

Remi Cachet Luxury Nail Tip are now in store. These nail tip extensions are available in 32 different colors but only come in the one length, 18 inched. These high quality hair extensions come from one of the leading brands in the hair industry, they are are produced using the Remi Cachet Luxury Hair which is chinese ethically-sourced human hair with Italian Keratin bonds.    . The hair is hand selected before delicate production to ensure high quality is maintained throughout the production process.  These nail tip extensions are named as such as the bond looks just like your fingernail, they can be bonded with either a hot or cold fusion application. Simply soften the bond and make it malleable so you're able to attach it to your clients own hair.

These are 0.8g per strand and there are 20 strands per pack, each packet weighs around 44g. These are double drawn so you get that thickness from ' root ' to tip. The Remi Cachet Nail Tip Hair Extensions are tipped with high quality Italian Keratin adhesive which is gentle on your hair and is also a quick method to applying hair extensions. In store these are £36.99 for a single packet, to buy them online click here.  These hair extensions can be removed easily using our special formulated remover and removal pliers. Click here to be redirected to our removal products, aftercare and other remi cachet products. 


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