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Scarlett johansson styled this pixie cut perfectly for the recent Oscar awards, this cut is incredibly flattering, the shorter sides give the textured top even more limelight and the windswept tousled locks give this short back and sides that added femininity. I've had a pixie cut myself in the past after a few bad bleach jobs, i found a style i suited after a while but it took me a good few months of working and reworking the cut to find an easy way to maintain the cool do. Contrary to popular belief, pixie cuts aren't an easy hair do, they require styling, products, blow drying for volume and it wasn't the quick and easy haircut i'd hoped it would be!! With the right products you can transform a dull, flat pixie cut into a spiky, tousled, sea salted wavy crop that oozes glam and that ever sought after look ' just tumbled out of bed '. Osmo Shape Maker.


Osmo shape maker is a great product for getting your hands dirty and your hair unruly cool, this paste is a mild hold which means that your hair will stay manageable and soft even when covered in product. This is a product you can use to twist, smooth, curl, scrunch and any other way you can think of adding texture to your crop! Warm it up between your hands and work through however you like!

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Oliver Gibney Ocean Salt Spray  9_copy
Sea salt spray is one of my all time favorite products for adding texture, it smells absolutely amazing, just like a beach and after a few spritz you'll find your hair looking like you've spent a day surfing waves instead of 5 minutes in front of the mirror! This sea salt spray covers your hair in a fine mist of salt for an ultra matte feel and a perfect tousled texture, again twist strands of hair for the perfect undone look that resembles a day of summat at the beach. Perfect!
Cantu Extreme Hold Styling Glue cantu-extreme-hold-styling-stay-glue-8-oz
If you're a fan of a more slick, sleek pixie cut then i'd recommend a really strong gel exactly like this one. This is an extreme hold gel perfect for protecting those preened quiffs from the treacherous winds, if you like a smoothing any fly away or stray hairs then this is the product for you. Smoothing the sides down if they're a little longer can create a fresher version of your older cut, a staple hair product for a crop cut!
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