Pictures from our weave bar! Before & afters!


1) Sleek Luxury Indian hair -
Fitted with a PHW Beaded weave method 3 rows by our Weave Bar Manager Chelsea on the lovely Kelly! Hair starts at £49.99 and weaves start from £15 per row. Click here to browse sleek luxury hair.


2)  Before, During and After of 100 Mini Tip Elegance, Remi Cachet Individuals on our team member Emma done by Chelsea. Shade:55/60 Length:16" Click here to browse Remi Cachet hair.

3)  Before and After of a PHW Beaded Weave by Salon Manager Chelsea using Beauty Works in colour 60A Platinum Blonde, 2 rows with a cut and finish and a glam curl using GHD Platinum straighteners. Fitting starts at £15 per row and hair starts at £123.99. To purchase beauty works hair click here. 

4) Before, During and After of 3 rows PHW Beaded Weave by Chelsea using Boutique hair extensions! Curled and finished with GHD Platinum Hair straighteners. To browse boutique hair on our website click here.

5)  Clients own hair fitted with 3 rows of beaded weave by our salon manager Chelsea. £15 per row.


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