Our Favourite Cheryl Cole Xfactor Hairstyles

The nation's darling, Cheryl Cole, is looking as radiant as ever on XFactor. And her hair is always a talking point, being on-trend and beautifully styled. The Cheryl Cole Style has the ability to create many varied looks by changing her hair and make-up, and it's an approach we can all take inspiration from. You'll be amazed how strikingly different your own look can be with a Cheryl-inspired 'do'. Many of them can be replicated at home with a little practice. Here, the team at Paul's Hair World talks you through three of our favourites to copy!

Cheryl Cole Hairstyles: Voluminous

Cheryl Cole hairstyles Cheryl loves volume and knows that it is the key to transforming an everyday look into one boasting serious glamour! Use heated rollers or curling tongs to create shape, volume and curl, and a backcombing brush to create that all important lift at the crown. High quality styling products are the key here; we offer a great selection of high performance, non-sticky hairsprays, setting solutions and fixing mousses and gels. You can even create a mini-beehive with your top section of hair, backcombing and using pins and a band to secure it into place. Remember to wind a strand of hair around your hairband for that natural finish. Then play around with the bottom section of hair as you please. You can tong it for waves, twist and pin for a bun, or add bands and even a Beauty Works Ombre Ponytail for a quirky finish. Beauty Works hair extensions are a fantastic tool for creating length and thickness; use hair extensions in a similar colour and length to your own and ensure they are hidden from view if using clip-in versions.

Cheryl Cole Hairstyles: Sexy Waves

Cheryl Cole hairstyles This look is modern, sexy and deconstructed. The Wand by Cloud 9 is great for this look and with a good quality heat defense spray. Wind small sections around the tongs, press and release gently. Allow the wave to cool, or pin into place for a more pronounced finish, before releasing the curls and gently separating the waves with your fingers. Use a finishing wax and shine spray for definition. Remember too that if you need more volume for this look, a volumising or texturing spray, applied at the roots before gently backcombing, will really lift your hair. You can also add length to the waves look using a hairpiece which is a perfect match for Cheryl's hair.

Cheryl Cole Hairstyles: Sleek and Straight

Cheryl Cole hairstyles This look demands hair that is in perfect condition, so lead up to your event with a programme of deep conditioning masks and treatments, and pop into Paul's Hair World for a trim to remove any rogue split ends. Colour is essential for creating shine, so speak to your stylist about the right shades for that high-gloss finish. Blow dry your hair straight using a large brush, and heat protection spray. Work your way around your hair, pinning it in sections as you work. Apply hair straighteners at the end for a perfectly straight finish, quickly smoothing them downward along the hair. A light spritz of a glossing spray or serum will finish the look and smooth down any stray hairs. For an additional twist, why not clip in a hair piece to add length to the pony tail.  
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