Oscars Beauty and Fashion History

The Oscars maybe a sacred institute which awards only the best acting talent, but out in the real world it’s what goes on the red carpet that really matters! Forget the long and drawn out ceremony and let’s talk beauty and fashion.

We will take you on a trip down memory lane with this fun infographic that delves into the style history of The Oscars. On our way, we will visit moments certain celebrities would rather we forget, as well as praise those that got it right - so right, in fact they are immortalised for their impeccable taste!

Last year three major hairstyles took centre stage: Hollywood glamour, shorter styles and messy updos. However, we also name and shame the frock horrors and hair disasters of The Oscars to date - Bjork’s Swan dress and Cher’s scary ‘look’ it seems, will never be surpassed.

We’ve also included some startling facts such as the real cost of The Oscars and others that will make you incredibly envious. Did you know that the Oscar goodie bag, especially reserved for the nominees and presenters, contains gifts with an estimated value of £40,000?!

Here at Pauls Hair World we keep our eye on the fashion pulse so we can ensure our customers get that ‘star’ look as soon it hits the red carpet. So, let’s look forward to the 2014 Oscars, where we are poised to ask either ‘What is she wearing?’ or just gasp ‘She looks perfect!

Pauls Hair World Infographic

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Pauls Hair World Infographic

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