ORS Hair & Scalp Wellness Oils - New In Store!

oilssss ORS formerly known as organic root stimulator is a well known, if not the number one go to product for ethnic hair care. A quality garunteed brand that has a cult like following, they're the boss in relaxers, cleansing shampoos and shine serums for both relaxed and natural hair. A range of their products are infused with elements of nature, ingredients which are used worldwide for healthy scalp treatment and hair growth. Introducing ORS Hair and Scalp wellness oils, products perfect for relieving, soothing and calming problem scalps. Tea Tree Oil - Tea tree oil is specially formulated to help with scalp relief , the ORS blend is a combination which includes rosemary oil, peppermint and coconut oil to calm an uncomfortable scalp leaving you and your skin feeling refreshed. Tea tree oil is well known and used for the treatment of hair loss and it's properties help to eliminate dandruff and prevent your scalp from experiencing both of these problems. This unique formula sinks straight into the skin without leaving residue which can leave the skin feeling greasy or sticky. This is a product great for regular use to keep ontop of your scalps health! NO mineral oil, parabens or silicones are in this product, it is created from natural oils and for this reason it is normal for them to turn cloudy at low temperatures. Make sure to store in dry place, room temperature. Shea Butter -  This oil helps to strengthen and thicken weak, damaged hair. An oil formulated with avocado oil and vitamin E it is a perfect go to for taming frizzy hair. This is one of the oils that can be used every day as a deep conditioning and moisturizing treatment, vitamin E leads to increased oxygen uptake which improves blood circulation to the scalp resulting in strong and healthy hair growth. A special blend of ingredients helps to rejuvenate  hair and revitalize skin for a healthy head of hair. Coconut Oil - Used for thousands of years to keep hair healthy and strong this oil has been at the forefront of hair repair for the last year or so. Rich in Carbs, vitamins and minerals that are ideal for both hair and skin means this is an oil that has benefits for the scalp as well. ORS formula is a blended combination of hibiscus oil and neem oil to help hydrate, moisturise and add brilliant shine.
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