ORS - Black Olive Oil - NEW PRODUCT!

ors_black_olive_oil ORS formerly known as organic root stimulator is a well known, if not the number one go to product for ethnic hair care. A quality garunteed brand that has a cult like following, they're the boss in relaxers, cleansing shampoos and shine serums for both relaxed and natural hair. A range of their products are infused with elements of nature, ingredients which are used worldwide for healthy scalp treatment and hair growth, Olive oil is among one of these ingredients and easily the most popular within our store! ORS Introducing ORS's new product and our new arrival, Black Olive Oil! A range of products that help to cleanse and nourish hair that needs a little bit of extra love. This range has been created tackle the 7 most common problems with our hair, the 7 signs of hair damage!  Covering a wide range of hair catastrophes means that this product can be suitable for the majority of peoples hair needs. If you find your hair is dry, breaking, shedding or you have a lot of split ends then this miracle selection of products could be just what you're looking for. Also great for slow growth, dullness and frizz, if any of these are screaming ' that's me! ' then check out the range we stock here!
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