One crochet needle can work wonders!..

Even heard of crochet braids?? The crochet techniques have come a long way from the 90’s. you will spot Marley twists braids, Havana twist and jumbo’s all around. It’s not just about wavy or straight hair anymore. crochet needles Whatever look you desire can be achieved fairly easy.

The method.

There are is right or wrong of braiding your hair but here is 3 ways to help you achieve the look you desire. Braiding from ear to ear is great for straight textures and pre braided or pre twisted textures. This method allows the hair to lay flat with no parts exposed.  (see first pic below) Braiding going straight back and attached across the nape of the neck. This is great for curly and wavy textures. This method allows the hair to be pulled up with no braids exposed. (see second pic below) Beehive braiding pattern is great for creating volume. The best way to do this is if the braid starts in the middle and ends at the perimeter. Girls who love Big Sexy hair, this method is more for you. (see last pic below) 9e945793952a344de3185b96d4c6a65a

What hair to buy?

Braid Now and Xpressions by Sensationnel is very popular when using crochet method.        
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