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Olaplex is on the lips of every salon professional and home hairdresser at the minute, the 3 step treatment is a god send for clients who's hair has been compromised chemically or thermally. Gone are the stretchy, dry, brittle ends of bleached hair! The Bond Multiplying System can be used as a reset button for your client’s hair and by doing so allows you to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity to the point where you are able to change your color once again without furthering the damage. This treatment may be done before and/or after a chemical service and may be applied in the salon once a week or more, if your feeling like your hair is in need of some restorative treatments or its lacking moisture then Olaplex 1 & 2 would be perfect for you. These treatments are compatible with all hair types from virgin to extremely compromised chemically treated hair. Olaplex cab be used as a stand alone restorative treatment however it can also be used to keep our hair healthy during the actual lightening or coloring process. Olaplex can be mixed with peroxide and bleach so the bonds in your hair remain strong. When doing multiple lightening sessions, this service is recommended after every lightening process.
Olaplex Step 1 - 15ml Pay special attention to the scoop size of the bleach powder you are using. Scoop sizes vary. The amount of Olaplex used depends on the amount of both developer and bleach powder combined. Can be used for foil highlights, Balayage, cream bleach, on the scalp lightener and colour and gloss. Before installing dosage dispenser, shake lightly. Due to the dilution of Olaplex into your bleach, increase your developer one full volume. 10V to 20V, 20V to 30V, 30V to 40V. Do not increase for scalp bleach. Do not increase for base colour. Use caution with heat. Olaplex Step 2 - 30ml
Olaplex Step 2 bond perfecter is not a conditioning treatment nor is it an activator or neutralizer. It uses the same active ingredient found in the bond multiplier step 1, however developed as a cream form for ease of application and use in the Olaplex system. This second step is necessary with all services for the best results. Rinse highlights or color from hair. Do not shampoo.
Please note: Olaplex is not a magic wand. You can push envelope and process further and lift higher, but you cannot take dark and damaged hair to make it platinum blonde and healthy in 90 mintues.

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