New Trend Alert : Colour Fade! Rainbow Roots!


As you avidly scan Instagram for the entirety of your night, lusting after the luscious hair colors, the seamless ombre melts of vivid vibrant shades, you wonder if you can get away with such a statement look. Well now you can!!  Bored of your blonde hair? Try root fading a bright color, colour fade is a thing these days, allowing the not so daring people to inject a pop of color into their mane without drastically dying their full head! Root fade or more knows as rainbow roots, is a fantastic way to change up your look, keeping the hair that frames your face the same shade means you don't have to worry about the shade you choose not suiting your skin tone. Dark root fade has been on the scene for a while but recently creative colorists have started using brighter colors for a more playful look and i for one love it! There's so many shades to play around with, so many makeup looks to make your color roots pop, how can you not get bored?

rainbow roo

If this is something you would like to try then come down to Pauls Hair World, pick up a Crazy Colour or directions color chart and have a look at the brilliantly bright shades we have to offer! Maybe try one of Crazy Colours New Romantics shades?  Available in store and also online, each of these shades will add a subtle hint of colour to your root, will blend easily with the uncolored ends to create a seamless statement look! If you're feeling more daring, what about a super pigmented blue or purple? Try Directions Hot Purple or Flamingo Pink for a look similar to the ones pictured!


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