New Lusters Pink - Kids Range!

pink kids children's hair can be troublesome, they're always up to mischief and tangles / knots are pretty much a given. Introducing the new Lusters Pink Kids range, a bunch of products that are incredibly moisturizing and gentle, perfect for untangling the hardest of tangles and UN-knotting the toughest of knots. This range is full of fruity smells and ingredients to keep your child's hair healthy and manageable, castor oil, coconut oil and Shea butter just to name a few! This natural line will have your morning routine cut in half, keep Lusters in mind when you're thinking of a fun and effortless experience when styling your child's hair.
Gentle Detangling Shampoo

gentle detangling conditioner
This gentle detangling shampoo is the perfect shampoo for removing product or oil build up on your child's hair, this sulfate free formula is infused with argon oil for the most gentle wash you can think of. Argan oil is widely used for hair repair, it penetrates the hair to help moisture each layer of the strand for a long-term repair solution. Hair will look and start to feel softer, silkier and shinier after a few washes. Simply use like any other shampoo, repeat if necessary. £4.69 Nourishing conditioner.
nourishing conditioner
This conditioner is packed with moisture to renew and restore your child's thirsty hair. This conditioner is created to seal the cuticle and make hair stronger so it's easier to detangle and leaves your hair in good condition with less shedding or breakage. Infused with coconut oil, Shea butter oil and olive oil this product is perfect at protecting your hair from being dry and tangled.

Detangling spray.  This is a product perfect for both curly and wavy hair types, this must is super light but heavily moisturizing so it can be used on both thick hair and also fine hair. This is infused with vitamin B5 for a super easy detangling experience, vitamin B is well known for improving the hairs elasticity meaning you have less split ends or breakage when detangling. This product can be used as a leave in conditioner or a detangling spray, whichever you need you will benefit from using this spray. Spray on damp or dry hair and comb through for even application, style as desired. Easy Comb Detangler

easy comb detangler
Easy comb detangler is the miracle detangling product that provides superior results while detangling the curliest of hair types. Apply a generous amount to hair and massage, begin to detangle hair with a wide tooth comb of fingers and watch how easily the knots glide out. This particular product is infused with castor oil, coconut oil and Shea butter. Shea butter helps to strengthen and thicken weak, damaged hair.Coconut oil is rich in Carbs, vitamins and minerals that are ideal for both hair and skin means this is a product that can have benefits for the scalp as well.

Curling Creme creme definition  This is the perfect product for using just after washing you hair, this is created for defining your curls for the perfect wash and go style. Infused with Argan oil and Shea butter this is a cream that adds strength and nourishment as well as style to your child hair. These added ingredients work together to ensure that your child's hair is soft and manageable with long lasting hold. Perfect creme for eliminating frizz, elongating your curls and hydrating dry curly hair. Curl Creation custard. 

curl custard
Kids curl creation custard is the perfect product to use if you're looking to achieve frizz free twists, braids and unraveled styles when working with curly hair. Simply apply custard to hair in sections and begin to create twists or braids, repeating the process throughout the entire head of hair. Once complete let hair set under hooded dryer. Long lasting styles are created with this product, known for its superior hold and moisturizing capabilities.
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