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Halloween, a day where we can live as our own horror creations and it's perfectly acceptable to stalk the streets in witches hats, fangs and blood spattered tatters of old clothing. To make yourself the ultimate creep, contact lenses are fast becoming the go to accessory to turn your costume up a notch, they're affordable, easy to wear and available in most stores. Have you tried the regular horror lenses? If you're a fan of the regular Halloween designs and the horrified reactions you get from trick or treaters, then you'll love the mini sclera lenses, perfect for the ultimate Horror fan! If you fancy going full on freaky this year then why not try a pair of these?


For a similar look to the photo above, try Mini Twilight Bella sclera lens. Halloween mini Sclera lenses are the same product as a contact lens, they arrive in a blister packet of solution to keep them clean and wet and you apply them the same way as a regular lens but they look slightly more scary. The lens is a lot wider than a regular lens but not as wide as a full Sclera lens, at 17mm, it covers a lot more of your eye then a regular pair, creating and portraying a look of utter possession, which would rank your costume higher up the freaky scale! Come check out our full range of contact lenses including the mini Sclera's in store.

sclera 1

Try mini sclera's in Mini Beast or Twilight Bella for a similar look to this.

sclera 2

Mini Rage Red would be the perfect mini sclera's to choose if you wanted to recreate this look.

sclera 3

Try the regular lenses in Dead white or try the sclera's in white out vampire for a look like this!

sclera 4

Try the mini black sclera's for a wide eyed look like this. Mini corruption in he sclera range is similar to this too, why not have a look?

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