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childish-gambino-av-ap Beards are on the rise, no longer just a Movember fad these beards are coming in thick and fast all year round. Keeping a clean and healthy beard is just as important as keeping a healthy head of hair, probably even more so considering it's around the mouth area and food can be pretty crumby. A thick, full beard has been bang on trend for the past year or two. Stars and high street shoppers alike are growing out their facial hair to new lengths and needing all the products they can grab to maintain a healthy face of hair. Some of the stars who hit the news this year for growing beards are Drake and Childish Gambino, big stars in the public eye have contributed to the new found love of facial hair and the increase in facial/ beard related products. New in store is the Lusters S Curl fine grooming facial hair range, this range consists of beard balms, oils and washes to ensure that your facial hair is in tip top shape whatever the style you have. These products are infused with Shea butter, aloe Vera and olive oil to treat your hair and skin leaving both revitalized and moisturized, these are definatley products to try if you're thinking of growing a beard or you already have one that needs a little bit of attention. Fine Grooming Beard Balm 
Beard Balm is an excellent beard moisturizer in the form of a balm, warm a bit of this between the palm of your hands to reach a consistency that's more like oil and massage into beard and skin. This beard balm is made from ingredients that are 100% natural, infused with olive oil, shea butter and vitamin E this product is a god send for skin and beards. £5.39 Fine Grooming Beard Oil 

Lusters beard oil is a game changer in the beard world, an all natural blend of ingredients soothes and conditions beard and skin while creating fullness and shine and a dash of fragrance. This is a product that can be used daily, simply wash and dry beard, rub a bit between your palms and massage into facial hair. This product will have your feeling and smelling fresh and your beard manageable, tame and styled to perfection. Fine Grooming Beard Wash 

Beards should be washed daily for hygiene reasons, this beard wash is the perfect companion and should be step one in your beard grooming routine. This beard wash gently cleanses and softens by removing any oil build up, helping to restore balance and shine to facial hair. Simply wet beard hair, lather and rinse. This is perfect product for daily use and contains no parabens, alcohol or sulfates. Infused with aloe Vera, Shea butter and olive oil for the most moisturizing beard wash you can get!
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