Need to try neon makeup!

The-Neon-Makeup-Trend-Got-Us-Shook Instagram is full of inspirational messages made from neon signs, cafes across the uk are using them in their window displays and every interior designer has a neon light or light box strategically placed for cool points. Who doesn't love a bit of neon? Festival season is round the corner and instead of finger painting neon symbols on every inch of your body, why don't you delve into the world of neon eye makeup? I think these are fabulous, super edgy, vibrant and reminiscent of festival strobe lights i Personally love the neon makeup trend.


You have to be brave to rock this bold look as it's so striking! Created by using deep shadows for the base and highlighting your chosen color with a white liner, the contrast between the two is so vast it stands out super bright and looks like neon lights! Light up your makeup routine with this hot new trend! Is this a daytime look for you or more of a night time wear? Would you wear it at all? Let me know in the comments!!

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