Natural Health Harmony - Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

organic coconut oil Coconut oil is used for rectifying anything these days, this wondrous oil can be eaten, drank, melted and used in face masks, hair masks, used on its own as a hair oil or skin oil. It literally has a thousand purposes, it's no wonder it's loved by the masses! Coconut oil is the most famous oil for a healthy head of hair, it helps to keep hair full of color, helps to prevent it from turning white early and also from falling out. Coconut oil if used regularly can help to maintain the hair you have and stop any further hair loss. Problems like dandruff are also helped by the use of coconut oil, it helps to keep the scalp smooth and moist to prevent drying, peeling and flaking. Benefits of coconut oil : 
  • softens hair and adds shine
  • moisturizes & exfoliates the skin
  • prevents hair from turning white early
  • naturally removes make up
  • use as a shaving cream .
  • whitens teeth
  • anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral
  • prevents gum disease and tooth decay
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