Mixed Chicks - Pineapple Coconut soap!

mixed chicks pineapple soap

Mixed Chicks Vegan Pineapple and coconut soap £4.49 I tend to spend an absolute fortune on shower creams, bubble baths, lotions, potions and soaps. If it smells amazing then i'm having it, added bonus if it's actually good for my skin and cruelty free! Vegan products are the go too, if you can smell amazing, care for your skin and other sentient beings at the same time then why not buy vegan products aye? Mixed Chicks soap smells absolutely incredible, a vegan beauty packed with antioxidents this Pineapple and coconut soap with lather up perfectly leaving your skin feeling fabulous. Infused with Vitamin E, A and D means your skin will be glowing at all times, perfectly moisturised and healthy. Vitamin E is great for dry skin, use on face to combat any dry areas, elbows, knees, you name it! This soap is created from natural coconut based cleansers and organic oils to help smooth, soothe and clean your skin. Who said getting clean had to be harsh?

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