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Halloween is upon us, whilst you're scrolling through reels of horror themed fancy dress ideas, Gorey makeup and accessories you're most likely to stumble upon the idea of creepy contact lenses. Maybe you've used them before, maybe you haven't and if not then why not try them this Halloween to bring your costume next level! MesmerEyeZ have been at the forefront of coloured contacts for as long as i can remember, over the years they have collected a cult like following and regularly feature in Vogue, Grazia and a firm favorite of Vivienne west-wood. I myself ( although not famous ) have used MesmereyeZ contact lenses for Halloween before, i find they're fantastic quality, incredibly comfortable and after the initial placement discomfort, it feels like you aren't wearing anything at all! Every year at Paul's Hair World we order a boat load of contact lenses, they fly off the shelves 2 or 3 pairs at a time and they're gone in a blink of an eye ( no pun intended ), so get here fast to have your choice! We stock 1 day Halloween contacts online and in store, a selection of regular lenses and this year we'll be stocking Mini sclera! A full range available to quieten your blood spattering zombie needs!


Whatever your costume we will have a pair of lenses that will add that extra fear factor for you, we have blood red full lenses if you're planning to be Twilight's Bella after she's been bitten! A full range of blind lenses in blue, black, grey, red and white, perfect for your zombie get up. The blind lenses are personally my favorite, i usually get a box of white out lenses and a box of blind lenses in white and switch it up for each eye! Creatively creepy! Contact lenses 1 day - £7.99 Contact lenses 1 month - £12.99 Mini Sclera lenses - £15.99 Available in store or online at Pauls Hair World.

maxresdefault (1) Zombie-Scary-Halloween-Coloured-Contact-Lenseblind contactclown white out

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