Mermaid Makeup - Halloween!

7c841b9cb91f907b7a39ce52bc1c1d5a A last minute invite to the Halloween party of your dreams? Have you still not decided on an outfit? Do you want to dress up but still look feminine? This is the perfect makeup look for you, super easy and fast to create this mystical mermaid makeup look will have you reeling in the compliments without any fishing! All you will need is : 4_hy1oge Step 1 - Place fish netted hair net over your entire face like the picture above. This is a perfect pattern to create scaling which is the technique used to bring this look to life! Any size fishnet pattern can be used, the wider the holes the bigger your scales are going to be! Step 2 - Take your eyeshadows and start to apply either using a brush or your fingers, this can be any colour you choose to use and there doesn't have to be a level of makeup skills to apply. Apply where you would usually contour, if you aren't sure then check out this contour blog. I'd recommend using different shades of green and blues as they remind me of ocean colours and are great at creating shadows and shade, i think it makes this look even more magical! Any colour looks fab, try to stay on the same side of the colour wheel ,otherwise the colours won't blend they will clash. I wouldn't mix oranges with greens or blues, same goes for greens with reds. The shimmery the shadow the better! I'd recommend the sleek Storm eyeshadow palette, a palette with all of the ocean colours you can dream of! Available in store. Step 3 - Once you have your mesmerising mermaid scaly base, you can start to apply glitter to your look. I'd use the glitter gel  like you would use a highlighter, use on the tops of your cheek bone to make this look pop! Coloured glitter or silver glitter, it's your choice and both will look fantastic! Try Snazaroo's face and body glitter, available online and in store with a wide range of colours to choose from! If you decide to use a pressed glitter then apply a spirit gum before you sprinkle otherwise you will find it won't stick to your face. step 4 - Use a coloured hair spray or a glitter hair spray to add the finishing touches to this look! You could even use both if you wanted too! Around the hair line, use a colour that is similar to your scales makeup. Around the back and on the lengths I'd take sections of your hair and colour them the same as your scales too. Spray a glitter spray over everything and you're good to go! Try this spray, available in store and online. Step 5 - Finish with a large pair of fluttery eyelashes and a green or blue coloured lipstick. If you want too, you can add glitter to your lips too! Find eyelashes here and cool toned lipsticks here.  Why don't you try adding contact lenses? Green temptress lenses would be perfect for this look! See what we have available in store and online.  071416-mermaid-makeup-lead
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