Magic shaving powders! Beard removal, December essential!

Beard Movember, a movement where most males grow a months worth of facial hair in aid of mens health charities. Beards are a plenty this time of year for that reason but not that reason alone, beards have been on the boom for the past few years, a runway favorite, the beard trend doesn't seem to be dying down. However, not everybody who has a beard this month wants to make a fashion statement. If you've taken part in Movember, done your part but don't want to keep the hairy chin then what better way to treat yourself then to purchase luxury shaving products! Whisk away them whiskers with a depilatory shaving powder! December essential for the fella's who don't fancy a winter beard! 4-x-SoftSheen-Carson-Magic-Razorless-Hair-Remover These Magic shaving powders are a mans version of veet, a hair removal cream which doesn't require any kind of razoring. These products are specifically designed to stop razor bumps by completely eliminating the need to use a razor. Available in extra strengths so that you have the ability to remove even the toughest of hairs, they're suitable for all hair types. A really simple and fast way of hair removal, simple mix two tablespoons of magic shaving powder with an equal amount of water and your mixture is ready to apply! Leave on the beard for 5-7 minutes and remove with a damp face cloth.
  • Take extra care to make sure that you do not use this product 36 hours after shaving. Do not use after perspiring, so not hair removal after the gym guys! Make sure to keep your face dry before use, do not wash face before use either. Refrain from using aftershave afterwards and only use it to remove facial hair!
To purchase magic shaving powder, click here.  If you plan on keeping your beard and want to take care of it, check out these new products!  
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