lime green locks, Festival fave 2017?


Flower crowns, body glitter, short shorts and street food stands got us pining for festival vibes and thoroughly inspired by the sweet green summer fields, green hair is hot for this years festival scene, particularly this neon lime green shade. Follow in the footsteps of kylie Jenner and lady gaga by spraying your hair or dying your hair this vibrant shade of green. I absolutely love this green shade, i think it's fun, refreshing, it's such a statement look  and a perfect color to team up with glitter roots for the ultimate festival vibes.


Kylie Jenner with her lime green lace front wig looking fresh! If you fancy trying this look but don't have the confidence to bleach up your hair and try such a striking look permanently, you can always buy a color spray and spray a blonde wig or hairpiece for the day. A high ponytail hair piece with lime green ends would look just as cute as a full head of lime locks. We have many wigs and pieces in similar bob styles, blunt cuts and partings for you to try, click here to browse online or come in store and ask one of our sales assistants for some help.


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