Lil Mix go blonde for Brits! - Jerome Russel Knows how to.

blonde brits

If there's ever an event to set off trends left right and centre, it would hands down have to be the Brit Awards. All those celebrities under one roof all trying to out do each other, who has the most lavish dress, the biggest jewels, the most majestic mane, all that competitions means you have to pull out your best and by best little Mix obviously thought they'd bring out the blonde bombshell tactic. I absolutely love this look for the group, it's strong, fierce, versatile and a shade that can be tweaked and toned to match a variety of different skin colours.  Leigh Anne, a member of the group who tends to keep her hair the same colour braved a blonde afro wig and absolutely rocked it, sassy statment look that's fresh and light for the coming months of spring! You have perri bang on trend with the blunt bob with root stretch and both jessy and jade look stunning with their perfectly lengthy locks. Would you go blonde this year? I reckon lil mix in blonde wigs is going to spur a few people into the possibility of trying out blonde for themselves, perhaps you're thinking of a new look for spring, out with winter and slowly starting to welcome summer. Watching lil Mix rock the blonde certainly makes me want to try a super icy, ash shade. If you too are debating wether to lighten your locks, here's a few products that are worth picking up! DO STRAND TEST BEFORE USING ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS ON FULL HEAD. Jerome Russel - Maximum Blonding Kit



Jerome Russel Maximum blonding kit comes in two different strengths, one is perfect for hair that is already blonde or a medium  brown shade and one works best on hair that is dark - black. Find out where on the scale your colour currently falls and pick appropriatley, picking a box that's too high in strength can be dangerous. The box pictured above works best on blonde to medium brown hair.This is a Permanent hair Lightener, there is no semi permenant way to achieve blonde hair, this is designed to lift your hair 6-7 shades lighter than it was before application. This kit is for home use and is really easy to use, complete with conditioning shampoo to cleanse and condition your hair after lightening, this kit leaves hair vibrant, shiny and looking fabulous!

Jerome Russel Blonde Lightening Spray lightening-spray

If you already have light brown or blonde locks and you feel the bleaching kits would be too harsh and lift your hair too much then you can always try this lightening spray. This is designed to create a sun kissed look on light brown/ blonde hair by gradually lightening the hair with numerous applications. This products needs to be applied 3+ times before you will start to see a clear difference although this is still a permanent lightening system. This spray is heat activated although it does contain an added thermal protector to reduce the risk damages associated with heat styling. Jerome Russel Blonde Toner honey

Maximum Blonde Toner is a product that should be used on pre lightened or naturally blonde hair, anything darker than a blonde shade will have no effect. Jerome Russel toner is designed to tone your blonde colour from bleached and brassy to a lovely natural tone, simply massage this toner through towel dried hair and apply heat for 5 minutes. Once finished allow the toner to rest for up to 30 minutes, Depending on your strand test results. The maximum developing time for this product is 30 minutes but if you found your strand test needed a shorter length of time then use that time for developing the full head. Simply wash and you're left with beautiful blonde hair!

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