Latest Trend 2016

Hair Contouring? Yes I said it hair contouring inspired by the make up trend. Hair contouring is a custom made colour application that has revolutionised the use of hair colour.

This technique uses a combination of free hand application and highlighting to create different tones and depths around the face to highlight and shadow targeted areas. Using similar methods like make up contouring using darker tones to create shadows to narrow the face shape whilst lighter tones are used to elongate and lengthen the face shape by reflecting light. This technique is literally designed to suit your facial structure, features and skin tone. To contour your visage to perfection at your next colour appointment, here's a breakdown of what to ask for according to your face shape: Round Face - The length and width of your face is equal. Characteristics include a shorter forehead and chin and a rounded jawline. Square Face- The length, width and jawline are equal in length. Characteristics include wider facial features, sharper jawline and shorter forehead. Heart Face- You have a wider forehead and a narrower pointed chin, similar to an inverted triangle. Oblong Face- The length of your face is approx. more than 1 ½ times longer than wide, with a broad forehead, cheekbones and jaw line. The shape will roughly resemble a rectangle with softer corners. Diamond Face - our cheekbones are the wider than your forehead and jawline.   24DEA45600000578-2918255-Marc_developed_a_colour_contouring_guide_for_each_face_shape_and-m-4_1421761450622

What’s Hot in 2016..

Leave your sliver shampoo behind with you in 2015. Let’s open a new door into 2016 and see what’s hot for this upcoming season.

Ronze A classic copper red mixed with a rich, bronze brown An updated take on bronde for blondes, this hair colour trend is made for redheads. It works well on all complexions, you just have to find the best version with your colourist. Celebritries like Rihanna, Eva Longoria and Katy Perry all have been spotted rocking this look. PicMonkey Collage Babylights The term "babylights" refers to a technique of applying very fine strands of color throughout the hair Babylights are a great way to introduce highlights and dimension into the hair. 13405c45037f8d55f83a47b8d153c0df Rose gold Everyone saw the silver hair trend of the last year explode, but it looks like it's finally dying down and Rose gold is the latest hottest trend. The perfect blend of pink and red mixed into golden blonde that adds a touch of color to your hair without being too dramatic. sienna-miller-peach-hair-color        
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