Last Minute Festival Checklist

If you are planning to attend a music festival then you will want to look and feel as good as you can, despite the fact that you may be standing in a field, not having showered for a couple of days and having had very little sleep! Follow our last minute festival checklist guide to the health and beauty essentials you should be taking and then you will look and feel great as you listen to your favourite bands.

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Sun Protection...

Most music festivals tend to be in the summer months so protecting yourself from the sun is vital. Make sure you pack some sunscreen that is appropriate for your skin type and don't forget to protect your lips with lip cover that offers SPF protection. Make sure you also take your sunglasses and a hat. If you are unable to avoid getting sunburnt, don't forget the aftersun which should help!

Stay Hydrated...

As well as protecting yourself from the sun it is also important that you drink plenty of water. Not only is this vital during hot weather, but where alcohol is involved, drinking water becomes even more important. Make sure you keep hold of empty water bottles as most festivals provide free water stops, otherwise invest in a re-useable water bottle. It is even possible to buy ones that will fold up and fit in your pocket when they are empty, so less to carry around.

Personal Hygiene...

Personal hygiene is difficult at a festival, although you can be safe in the knowledge that everyone else will be in the same boat as you. However, there are some things you need to take to ensure you stay clean and reasonably hygienic. Wipes will be your friend. Make sure you take different ones for various things including when you use the loo, wipes for your hands and wipes for your face. Also make sure you take some anti-bacterial hand gel and don't forget deodorant and your toothbrush and toothpaste. It is also a good idea to take some 'first aid' items such as plasters, headache tablets, antiseptic and even ear plugs!

Make-up Essentials...

You will still want to look good, even if personal hygiene is lacking, but it is best to try and keep make up to a minimum. Make sure you have a spot cover up stick as well as a tinted moisturiser. Add some bronzer and mascara for a 'simple' look. If you want to wear eye make up try and take palettes that can double up, such as colours that could be used as blush and eyeshadow.

Last Minute Festival Checklist Make up


Last Minute Festival Hair...

When it comes to looking after your hair at a festival then dry shampoo/hair fresheners are the way to go. Then at least you will feel like your hair is clean even if you can't have a shower. Take lots of hair accessories to deal with 'bad hair days' and before you go, try something like dip dye hair extensions so you will have more flexibility in terms of what you can do with your hair if you can't wash it.

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Hopefully this has given you some hints and tips of things you should take with you when you attend your next festival to keep you feeling safe and looking good.

Are you attending a festival this weekend?

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