LARGE DREAD LOCKS, would you rock it like Rihanna?

Rihanna looks effortlessly cool in dreads

hhOctober, the internet went mental over Rihanna's new hair style. The diamonds start was definitely shining bright this year with these bodacious dread locks that sent Instagram into a frenzy! I for one think she rocks the look, Rihanna has the confidence to pull off such a bold hairstyle that she looks intensely cool, casual and not over the top despite the abundance of volume these dreads have! I couldn't personally pull off a look like this but is this something you'd feel you could wear and rock just as well?


We have everything you need at Pauls Hair World to create this daring look! Synthetic Jamaican locks in a range of colours for you to pick from at only £6.99 per packet! We have your Senegalese twists in everything up to 60'' for a really long dread lock look, just like Rihanna. Come in store and see which length you reckon would suit you best, feel the different synthetic textures and ultimately find the perfect hair for you to pull off this grungy 90's laid back look. Fancy adding some hair jewels? Check out our dread rings! 99p in store.


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