LA Girl - Strobe Lite strobing powder! COMING SOON!


Kim Kardashian really set off a craze last year with the ever so clever contouring, a way to conceal our double chins and chizel our jaw lines to perfection. It takes a clever hand and a lot of skill to perfectly buff out a contour creation, i for one am still not confident when doing contour and am always looking for an easier way! An easier way to contour the face you say? Strobing!


This method of makeup application aims to highlight all of the points on your face where the sun would naturally hit (so your forehead, tops of your cheekbones and bridge of your nose -) creating a dewy glow that only sun kissed healthy skin can get naturally. Lets be real, who is sun kissed year round? Definatley not us in Manchester! Strobing is a great and easy way to pull off a bare face of makeup, give your bare skin a boost of shimmer and a dewy glow to keep you looking healthy even in the winter months! No annoying buffing, blending, shading or precise skills needed!


 LA girl Strobe Lite strobing powder is coming soon to us! The soft and silky powder adds a fresh glow to highlight cheeks, brighten eyes, sculpt nose and enhance pout

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