LA Girl Pro Concealer is here!!

Wether you're a bedroom makeup artist, a professional makeup artist or new to makeup and in no way an artist what so ever, i'll bet you've heard of this product. On the lips or should i say under the eyes of everyone, this is a makeup product that's got a lot of buzz about it! L.A. Girl concealer is a big player when it comes to concealing those blemishes and Pauls Hair World is finally meeting the demand and eagerly awaiting the arrival of the concealing pro and other L.A. Girl products. HD definition perfect for underlining and cleaning up those brows, concealing those dark eye bags after a saturday night on the town or the dreaded pimple just before a party. An incredible light weight texture that provides all the coverage you need for a flawless face and application. Crease resistant and opaque coverage, what more could you ask for in a concealer? Available in 24 different shades there's a shade for everyone, even coloured shades such as green and lilac for helping to conceal redness and even out yellow tones! If you want to learn more about colour correction and concealing, check out my sleek blog on the colour correction palette here. Have you tried this concealer? Let us know on our instagram!
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