Kylie Jenner Rose Gold Hair - Hate it or loathe it?

kylie-jenner-wpAre you a fan of the pastel hair hues? I am, I personally absolutely love this look on Kylie Jenner! This new Rose Gold tone compliments her Sunshine tan perfectly, giving her an all round glow that's just what we need at the end of October! October has seen a few of the A list celebrities try switching up their style and opting for something big, bold or colourful! Check out Rihanna's dreads here! These subtle rose gold tones are perfect for amping up a blonde shade you've grown bored of, a subtle hint of colour gives you the feeling of a full change and refreshes the hair makeup look like no other! Think of all the fabulous gold, bronze tones you can be working with to warm yourself up when winters on the way! Is this a hair colour you'd love to try? gggg Check out Crazy Colours Romantics collection for a range of pastel colours including one similar to Kyle Jenners in the photo above. If you do decide to add a tangy, peachy tinge to your hair then maintain the health also by using one of Directions colour care products. November is now here, I for one can not wait to see what looks the celebrities dare to try this month!
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