KHS - The Keratin straightening system

UntitledPROFESSIONAL There's nothing worse than spending an eternity every morning straightening your hair to find that the moment you step out of your door and into the elements, it has all been for nothing. Humid air creates a hair do that looks frizzier than a month of back combing, your curls and kinks are trying their best to come back out to play and there's more fly away than sleek strands happening. We all have those days, straight hair is hard to maintain and keep straight, without seriously damaging the hair with prolonged use of straighteners on full heat there's very little you can do to keep your sleek straight hair kink free. KHS , keratin straightening system is a product which allows us to straighten our hair and remain curl, frizz free for up to 4 months! No more tying your hair up mid day, you can put the ' windswept and interesting ' excuse back on the shelf because you wont need it! Fly away hairs, frizz and kinks are a thing of the past! c700x420 The Mac home use keratin kit is an easy to use, 100% formaldehyde free, 3 step hair straightening and smoothing system. This is a product that is suitable for all hair types, whether your hair is wavy, tight curls or as tight as an Afro, this product can be used to smooth out and eliminate up to 80% frizz. A product that is also suitable to use on coloured hair, however you should not use this if your hair has been coloured by henna    
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