I've had pretty much every color hair that you can think of and the only thing that annoys me with those vivid shades is the length of time they stay bright for. After 2 or 3 washes you'll notice your bright shade is no longer popping, you'll find it's dull, faded and needs topping up pronto. There is always room on the market for a color refreshing product, whether it's a conditioner or some kind of coloured mousse, people are after it and Jerome Russel is catering for the high street shoppers once again! Introducing Pro Colour Renew, a 100ml tube of color refresher that is perfect for in between appointments at the salon! This is available in the 8 color tones pictured, so there's something to suit most shades out there


This treatment is specifically formulated for refreshing at home or salon color, it is a reviving treatment, injecting color and life back into lifeless locks. The perfect combination of color pigments and cosmetic agents nourish the hair leaving it manageable, vibrant and super shiny! English Poppy seed and chamomile are the main nourishing culprits! Ammonia and Peroxide free means that this is suitable to a wider range of people than most other color refreshing products.

  • Use Violet-For violet to mahogany tones
  •  Red-For all red tones
  •  Plum-For all plum tones
  • Copper-For light to dark copper tones
  • Platinum-For grey, silver and ash tones blondes
  •  Cocoa-For cool and dark brown tones
  •  Chestnut-For warm brown tones
  •  Gold-For all blonde tones
Available to buy online and in-store.
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