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Silver, white and pastel coloured locks have all been the most desirable hair colors at one point in the past year, difficult to achieve and really damaging for your hair, J Plex is a life saver. If you feel like your hair is in need of a little loving or your simply wanting to keep the damage at bay when going lighter for summer, this is a product that's worth picking up and having around.  Just like the well known brand and bond perfecter Olaplex,  Jerome Russel's J plex will help to rebuild damaged bonds that are broken down during the lightening process, it can help to keep them in tact during the bleaching process too depending on whether or not you decide to add it to your color.

This is a salon quality product which is available, affordable and perfect for at home use meaning you get salon results in the comfort of your own home. Strengthen your hair by up to 3 times in just one application, increase shine by using J Plex to seal the cuticle for a softer, smoother look. When coloring hair it tends to lose elasticity and you will find it stretching or snapping if it's been over processed, with J Plex you will find it actually adds to your hairs elasticity so that you get more stretch during the bleaching process which means there's going to be less breakage. Win, win! Want Hair as platinum as Katy Perry?  Blonde hair like little Mix?


j plex

 J Plex consists of 3 different products which work together to get you the results that you need, these are: Bond Builder - Mix with your Bblonde bleaching or coloring kit for added elasticity and protection from bond breakdown. Add 1x Jplex Bond Builder 7,5ml to your Bblonde bleaching kit or color and mix thoroughly. Apply as per instructions in the Jerome Russell Bblonde Blonding / Highlighting / Power Bleach kits. Bond Maintainer - Apply after bleaching to rejuvenate hair, add moisture and nourishment. Comb through half of J Plex Bond Maintainer from roots to tips (more can be added for thicker, longer or more damaged hair)and leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, then style as normal. Hair Perfecter - This is the last step of 3 to achieve amazing hair results, use the last step to enhance the condition of your hair when styling. Get salon, smooth, sleek hair everyday with this product! Can be used as a stand alone product. Simply shampoo hair as normal and towel dry, spray Hair Perfecter evenly over damp hair and do not rinse then Style your hair as normal. 

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