Jenoris Pistachio Hair Care Range

Jenoris is a range of natural oil based hair products with many benefits. The enriching Pistachio and Borage oils nourish your hair with Omega 3, 6, 9 and vitamins, which in itself increases hair elasticity (less breakage), increase hair strength, thickness and stimulates growth. Combine this with the Pistachio and Borage oil's ability to rehabilitate hair fibres, preventing dry scalp and split ends and it really is an exceptional choice for hair care. Looking after your scalp is equally important. 

Whatever your hair type Pistachio oil hair treatment will have it covered - dry/damaged, frizzy, dyed, curly or straightened you have shampoo, hair mask, cream or oil, amongst others, to choose from. You could, of course, use a selection of cleansing and styling products each time you wash and style your hair. Shampoo gives your hair a silicon layer to protect from the everyday elements whilst the Omega supplements help to regenerate your hair. RestorHair Cream has three tricks up its sleeve - volume definition, improved hair strength and increased hair body texture. The ingredients help to protect against chemical damage and thermal stresses (blow drying and straightening). The added Keratin also helps to ensure a smooth look after blow drying. 

Pistachio oil hair treatments are also good if your hair is thinning. For those who have hair extensions and want either to start or continue using the Pistachio oil hair treatment, that fine too. The clever people at Jenoris pride themselves on the Pistachio and Borage oil treatment range being based on an "apply and go formula." Every effort has been taken to ensure all hair types have been studied and researched. They use all natural essence ingredients including Sage which, when combined, have great revitalising powers. 

Jenoris Pistachio and Borage oil hair treatments are suitable for both the Salon and home use. jenoris hair oil
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