January means Gym hair probs...

Working out = Hair Probs!

January is the perfect time to kick-start your workout but while you're busy getting body beautiful, your hair might not be looking quite so good, especially if you don't have time for a full wash, blow-dry and styling session. Try our handy tips to make sure your locks look as great as you do after your workout.

Put it up: hair probs

The key to keeping hair looking great is to style it properly in the first place. Lifting it away from your face and neck will prevent sweat transferring from your skin to your hair. A high ponytail is a popular option while securing your hair in a bun will leave you with gentle waves when you loosen it later. Side plaits or French braids are another good option. Use a fishtail plait as this is tighter than a traditional one and minimises the risk of flyaway hair. Soft hair bands or scrunchies will avoid leaving your hair with those tell-tale dents and ridges. If your post-workout hair looks a little flat, add height by securing it tightly and adding a fake hair bun for an instantly glamorous style.

Don't overdo the shampoo:

After a session at the gym it may not always be necessary to wash your hair. Sweating during exercise can actually dry hair out, so it is important not to remove too much moisture. Dry shampoo is a great shortcut to fresher-looking hair. Simply spray onto the roots of your hair to absorb tell-tale grease and sweat for an instantly revived style. If absolutely necessary, a simple rinse of water will lift most of your post-workout sweat. Alternatively, you could opt to just wash your fringe, which is the part of your hair that usually shows most evidence of your gym session.

Perfect products:

Dry shampoo aside, there are a number of other useful products to help you hair look its best. Use a refreshing spray at the roots to give dull, lifeless hair some added zing. Applying some serum before you blow-dry will give your hair a glossy, smooth finish. Try to avoid using too much mousse or gel before your workout as this will run when you get hot and loose its hold.

Blow-dry right:

After your morning workout you can give your hair a lift with a good blow-dry. Apply dry shampoo, then hold your head upside-down to add volume as you dry the roots. Use a round brush to lift hair away from your scalp. Apply some mousse or smoothing serum then continue drying, making sure to use the brush right to the ends for a slick, professional finish.

Excellent extensions:

Hair extensions needn't be a barrier to working out. If you have clip in human hair, these can simply be removed. For bonded or woven extensions, the key is to avoid pulling them too hard. A loose ponytail or bun will keep hair away from your face while a bandana or headband adds extra support and minimises slippage.  
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