Is pink hair in this winter?

gallery-1478379364-hbz-hailey-compI thought Kylie Jenner was stopping crowds and pushing the boat out for a reason this winter with her new rose gold hair, but it seems that many stars are following in the foot steps of fashion this year and opting for a pinkish hue. Hailey Baldwin, model and daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin has traded in her ash blond shades this November for a peachy punch with a dark root. Edgy yet feminine it seems the follicles of this famous star will be causing a fashion wave this winter, do you see brighter shades approaching? Are the times of darker shades in winter long forgotten? To achieve a hair color like this, check out the Romantics range in Directions.   If you're all about pink this year, check out the new Electric pink GHD stylers. Limited edition and £10 of every purchase goes straight towards breast cancer research.
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