How to wear your Halloween contacts!


Are you thinking of wearing contact lenses this Halloween? Have the horror stories you've heard over the years been putting you off? I hear that a lot around Halloween, whilst i shout from the rooftops about my love for the creepy contacts that haunt every beauty store come October 1st, most people know little about them and tend to stay away for fear of the unknown. Will they get stuck in my eye? Can i take them out? Will they scratch my eye? These are just some typical questions i receive from customers who want to try contacts on Halloween but don't know where to start. I've decided to put together a little care guide on how to wear your contacts this Halloween for the ultimate horror look! Have you seen what lenses Pauls Hair wold are stocking this year? Check out our regular selection and our Mini sclera range Inserting your contact lens :

  1.  Wash and dry your hands thoroughly, this is to avid trapping any dust, grease or dirt between your eye and your contact lens.
  2. Place the contact lens onto the tip of your index finger, it should look like a little bowl with the Halloween design against your finger tip
  3. Hold your upper eyelid open with your index finger, whilst doing this, pull down your lower eyelid with your middle finger and hold them both open. Look straight into the center of your eye whilst facing the mirror, slowly and gently place the contact into the center of your eye.
  4. Release your eyelids and blink a few times so that they adjust to their natural resting place.
  5. If you have found the contact lens is still not central, you can close your eye and massage your eyelid to move the contact to the center of your eye.
  6. Repeat for the other eye.
3 Removing your contact lenses :
  1. Just like step one above, you need to wash and dry your hands thoroughly to avoid transferring dust and bacteria into your eye.
  2. Look upwards and hold down your lower lid with any finger from any hand.
  3.  Carefully and gently place any finger onto the contact lens which should be resting in the center of your eye. Slowly pull it down towards the white of your eye.
  4. Gently pinch the contact lens and pull away from your eye. Be careful not to pinch too hard to avoid any kind of scratching.
  5. Repeat step for other eye if necessary!


SAFETY PRECAUTIONS : Costume contact lenses such as the Halloween lens should be for occasional use only, check with an eye care practitioner before wearing if you are planning to wear them for a long period of time, The 1 day contact lenses are meant to be exposed of after one day, no matter how many times in the day you wear them. If you have purchased a packet which is meant for longer use e.g 1 month or 3 month, then you will need to dispose of them 30 days or 90 days after opening them.

  •  Do not wear for longer time than indicated on the packaging.
  • Do not wear if blister packet is already open or if contact lens looks damaged.
  • Do not share contact lens with anyone, even if you're friends!
  • Do not let any kind of aerosol or cosmetics come into contact with the lens.
  • Always put in before applying any makeup and take out before removing any makeup.
  • If you're experiencing discomfort, e.g redness, itching, remove and seek help from qualified eye care practitioner.
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