How to use your Sleep In Rollers!


I'm sure i'm not the only one who wouldn't know where to start when attempting to roll my own hair. My 16 year old self spent hours coiling strands of hair as tight as i could round bendy foam rollers, getting no sleep whatsoever as they were so uncomfortable and i spent my mornings before school breaking down as i unraveled them just to find my labor was pointless and the hair hadn't dried or had dried in an unnatural curl pattern that you simply couldn't wear out of the house. Am i right? Well, sleep in rollers have been around for a while but are a sure fine way to put an end to sleepless nights and a wet set that's still actually wet in the morning. Sponge rollers let air breathe through them thoroughly drying every strand and they're created to collapse under the weight of your head, still, somehow leaving your hair perfectly curled for tonnes of volume when you wake! If you have a set of these and want to use them but don't know how then here is a step by step to get the perfect Christmas curls!


  1. Section your hair into three parts, center your parting and glide the comb down either side to create three sections. You should have two equal side sections and then one section through the center
  2. Start to roll your curls using the middle section. Take a section that's round about 2cm in width, spray with water and curl around the roller from the end all the way towards the root. Once this step is done there should be a gap between the roller and Velcro that you are able to push a grip into.
  3. Continue this for the whole middle section, starting at the front eventually ending at the back. Each curl should be 2/3 cm in width, the center section should use around 4 rollers.
  4. Make sure to spray each section with water or a curl setting product before rolling into the roller. This will help set your style in place, help to hold the curls when you unravel.
  5. Once the middle section is full of rollers, repeat down both sides and also around the back. Once finished your hair should look like this.
  • Leave curlers in overnight if you've put them into wet hair, if you've just sprayed your hair with a product or water then i'd recommend to leave them in for 4 hours minimum.
  • When removing, remove grips and rollers starting from the back/underneath working your way upwards.
  • Each curl that you unravel, twist round your finger and and allow to fall into the natural curl position. Add some hair spray to stay in place!

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